What I've Done

Accomplishments & Skills

 That Generate Business Growth

Strategy Development
Brand / Product Launch
Retail Development

Business Success That Has Build Top Brands

Created and implemented strategic plans that achieved profitable results in:

  • brand awareness

  • brand recognition

  • business development

  • budget plans

  • customer loyalty

  • consumer satisfaction

  • cost structures

  • digital campaign

  • distribution models

  • educational techniques

  • forecast models

  • marketing campaigns

  • media plans

  • merchandising plans

  • retail collaborations

  • sale plans

  • social campaigns

  • training programs

  • product innovation

  • promotional plans

  • wholesale contracts


Developed and executed effective programs resulting in the success of:

Brand Launches:

  • The Honest Company

  • Honest Beauty

  • Happy Plugs


  • Beats Music

New Category Launches:

  • The Honest Co.

    • personal care, cleaning, wellness, and gear lines.

  • Snapchat Spectacles

  • Beats By Dre

    • wireless, bluetooth and speaker technology.

  • Corey Lynn Calter resortwear.

  • Metagreen full spectrum CBD

  • Happy Plugs tech accessories

Product Launches:

  • Beats Neon Mixr

  • Beats Colored Solo

  • Beats Pill XL

  • The Honest Co Formula

  • The Honest Co Diaperbag

  • The Honest Co sunscreen

  • Honest Beauty Brow


Introduction to retailer accounts, creating strategic partnership, negotiating contracts and designing profitable growth plans.


Partner relations include:

  • Amazon

  • AT&T

  • Barnes & Noble

  • Bed, Bath & Beyond 

  • Best Buy US/CA

  • Bloomingdales

  • Buy Buy Baby

  • Canadian Tire

  • Costco

  • College Stores

  • DICK's Sporting Goods

  • Follett

  • Gelson's

  • Gilt

  • Indigo

  • Jet.com

  • Lasson's

  • Military

  • Nordstrom

  • Sam's Club

  • Specialty Boutiques

  • Target

  • T.J.Maxx

  • Ulta

  • WholeFoods

  • Zulily


Establish Collaborative Partnerships

Determine effective business partnerships to gain brand recognition, improve operations and increase efficiencies.

Proven Partner Success with:

  • Oprah + SZENT - SuperSoul Conversation Sponsor

  • Beats + Target + DJ Guetta + Deam Hotel - Exclusive Neon Mixr Launch

  • Beats + Alexander Wang - Product Collaboration

  • Beats + AT&T + Nicki Minaj = Exclusive Pink Pill Campaign

  • The Honest Company + Kerri Walsh - Honest Sunscreen Campaign


Create Integrated 
Marketing Programs

Designed and administered

omni-channel marketing campaigns to reflect a

cohesive story across various touchpoints:

  • in-store

  • online

  • socially

  • digitally

  • in press

  • in media

With inclusive campaigns like:

  • Brand Campaigns:

  • Category Campaigns:​

  • Product Campaigns​​

  • Promotional Campaigns

  • Holiday Campaigns

  • Movement Campaigns

  • Partner Collab Campaigns

Design Comprehensive
Merchandising Plans

Negotiate premium placement for brand and product positioning in-store and online. Gaining additional POS materials:

  • signage

  • product displays

  • demos

  • educational materials

  • videos

  • headers

  • banners

  • window displays

  • brand blocks

  • dual placement 



Tactics & Techniques

That Achieve Personal Business Growth

Successful Strategies That Have Increased My Personal Value 

Interviewing for Success
Meeting Preparation
Organization Skills

Interviewing is a skill, in my career I have had a lot of experience interviewing for promotions and while transitioning jobs due the variability in working within the startup environment. As I interviewed I had the opportunity to work with and therefore interview with many companies across many varying industries. It was through these experiences that I learned how to successfully position myself to gain the trust and win over hiring teams to land the job. I developed a deeper understanding how to connect to each person and effectively share my qualifications in a way that convinced them of my skills and showed them I could be the person they would want to work with. I learned how to prepare, what to avoid and how to handle difficult conversations turning what used to be a anxious event into a meeting I looked forward to.

I talk a lot about my career working with many startup

organizations. One of the greatest take aways from this, was that I early in my career I was able to sit in a lot of high level meetings, listening, watching and learning from some of the best! I learned how to effectively build a meeting agenda to ensure the intended message was delivered to the relevant

audience in the time allotted. I learned key strategies for gathering information, to position my strategy and ensure the success of my desired outcome. I was taught how to read my audience to develop a positive rapport that establish trust and opened up opportunities for conveying my message with greater acceptance. These practices have allowed me to build valuable, lasting relationships, close deals and earn new business over and over again! 

Whether it be staying organized at work, in my home or in life in general. I can accredit much of my success to my strong organizational skills. Something that didn't always come easy, as life got more and more busy, I learned overtime how being organized no only felt good, it saved time, minimized stress and lead to more fulfillment. By implementing new patterns

and incorporating small techniques I started to see changes in my scheduling and timeliness, improvements to my follow-up and customer satisfaction, decreases in my expenses and so much more. I found by creating simple adjustments and designing basic programs that I was able to stay ontop of things, forget less and minimize worry/anxiety.

Productive Behavior Traits That Have Improved My Personal Fulfillment

Healthy Habit Shaping
Motivation Techniques
Personal Discovery

As a bit of a perfectionist setting goals to get the results I wanted was a must. However as we all know this is not always the case. At times there are outside actions that occur that we have no control over and cannot change. What, why? It is a hard thing to accept but in doing so and learning how to make changes to the things you CAN control, this is where I started to see change. I have learned through many trails and errors, how to incorporate

changes in my habits to deliver healthy,

positive improvements and break old or negative patterns that were holding me back. After analyzing my own behavior and learning why actions were occurring the way they were I was able to see how subtle adjustments could deliver extraordinary results in my work, my body, my eating, my fitness, my mind, my happiness and so much more!

There are times in life when you have all the energy in the world to do the things you want and even don't want. And then there are times where you can't seem to focus on anything or have  no drive to do even the things you once loved. I think this is something we all have struggled with. As someone whom has struggled with depression and live with others whom experienced depression, I know first hand how it can be extra hard, even just to get up for the day. It was in these times, I learned, how especially important it is to keep motivated and stay on track to avoid falling into a rut. By incorporating 

programs into my life that offered community, rewards and reinforcement, I have seen my motivation and the motivation of others to stay on track, accomplish goals and move towards a more positive life increase drastically. 

It wasn't until I stopped searching for all the answers from others and started to look within that I began to finally developed the

confidence in myself with an understanding of what brought me fulfillment that allowed me to live a happy life. For years, I didn't understand what this all meant or why it was important. I found myself chasing the fulfillment and yet sadly always finding disappointment. It was when it hit rock bottom that I said this is enough and decided things had to change. I studied from the experts whom have communicated this message for years and learn how to take their teachings to open my mind, my heart and discover my soul. It was not easy to start yet this is why I believe I was gifted me with struggles to share with the successful ways I was able to overcome these obstacles and discover fulfillment!