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Partnerships & Collaborations

Establishing effective partner collaborations to educate the market, promote your business, establish a following, and generate awareness.

How can I help:

Would a brand collaboration benefit your business?


Do you need access to brands?


Are you trying to determine the right brands for collaborations


Do you need help to capture the ideal brand's attention?


Do you need help designing a partner collaboration that benefits your business?

What does this include:

Determine effective business partnerships to gain brand recognition, improve operations and increase efficiencies.

  • partner strategy

  • influencer collabs

  • campaign programs

  • partnered market planning

  • contract negotiation

  • integrated campaigns

  • program management

  • brand collabs

My Work:

Success partner campaign collaborations

  • Oprah + SZENT - SuperSoul Conversation Sponsor

  • Beats + Target + DJ Guetta + Deam Hotel - Exclusive Neon Mixr Launch

  • Beats + Alexander Wang - Product Collaboration

  • Beats + AT&T + Nicki Minaj = Exclusive Pink Pill Campaign

  • The Honest Company + Kerri Walsh - Honest Sunscreen Campaign

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