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Business Services 

Why Work With Me?

My Purpose

To help in empowering all people to live to their fullest potential.

I wouldn't say that I have had your typically career path. Some may say I have worked with too many brands. However, that is exactly what has given me the competitive edge in understanding how various industries operate. Most importantly, I learned what makes a company succeed and the biggest mistakes companies make that cause them to fail.

I am passionate about helping companies rise and partnering with business owners to lead them to achieving all of their goals. The accomplishments I have from my experiences across various industries has lead to the successful growth of many companies I have worked with!

Gain Support To Generate Business Growth

Where do you need help?

Let me help you achieve success in the following areas.

Business Strategy
Product Positioning
Retail Program

What are your goals, what do you wish to accomplish, who are you targeting? After we discuss your vision, I will develop a strategy which will deliver upon these goals.

Did you know how you position your product in various locations may differ? I can help you understand how to best maintain your brand recognition while effectively capturing multiple demographics.

Let me help you determine who the best partners are for your brand. Then we can discuss their requirements, I will help you understand their customer and how to best utilize each partner for  optimal success of your brand as well as provide contacts/introductions.

Brand & Marketing Plan

Do you have a product or service your selling or looking to sell? Let me help you develop a personality for your brand. I can help you from various angles - determine who your target market, customer and demographic is; determine who you should be targeting and how to capture them; determine where you want your business to be and how to design a marketing plan to get here.

Partner Collaborations

Would a collaboration with another brand benefit your business? Do your need help with access to this brands? Let me help you determine what brands are right for your needs, how to capture the ideal brand's attention, connect you with these partners and develop a program that benefits both businesses.

Business Planning

Do you need help outlining  a business plan and properly budgeting for all expenses needed to support this program?  Let's walk through your goals and what you would like to accomplish so I can help you design a program financial plan and forecast so you are spending wisely and profitable.

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