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These experiences allowed me to be involved all areas of business; marketing, sales, operations, product, production and more to learning both the right and wrong way to establish a successful brand and develop an effective strategy. They taught me the importance in establishing unified goals for each business in order to design the most efficient program or programs to support these business objectives.

Once these objectives are established it is then that you can curtail the message in a way to capture the attention of your target audience. In doing this I have successfully built brands and marketed them to various demographics in across multiple retail channels, including: Mass, Club, CE, Airport, Telco, Fashion, Specialty, Boutique, Sporting Goods, Grocery, Natural Markets and more.

I thrive in helping businesses find their niche in the market, helping them to develop their story, learn their target market and customize a unique approach to most effectively engage and capture their audience to create buzz and lifelong consumer loyalty!


I've developed my career practicing these learnings to help many of the top brands in the world like; Beats by Dre, The Honest Company, Snapchat, Red Bull, etc., grow from start-up to multi-million or billion dollar brands and even acquisition.

"Nicole executes across the entire sales process - from marketing, need analysis, sales development, negotiating and closing, customer success and loyalty - exhibited through repeat purchases. A force multiplier with no ego, Nicole relentlessly prioritizes, and inspires teams to consistently exceed sales plans. I highly recommend Nicole as a rare sales leader capable of accelerating revenue growth and delivering credible customer value."

- Past Boss, CRO Cory Grenier


My name is Nicole Carravallah, born in Detroit MI these learnings to help many of the top brands in the world like; Beats by Dre, The Honest Company, Snapchat, Red Bull, etc., grow from start-up to multi-million or billion dollar brands and even acquisition.



For years, I used to struggled with setting goals, staying motivated and achieving the success I wanted. It wasn't until I took the time to understand my personal behaviors and learned how to make positive adjustments to my habits, that I started to see the results I desired! Today, I have helped many friends, family and co-workers overcome obstacles, developing helpful habits that have allowed them achieve all the results they craved both in business and life!

Starting my career at 21 years old, I didn't know what I wanted to do. I had so many ideas, dreams, goals that I could never stay focused. One day I would be working towards being a designer, the next I was out selling consumer products, the next I was setting up operations to manage logistics, etc. Its was no surprise, my career pulled me into the start-up industry. Here I got the opportunity to apply all these skills to my "role". However with these opportunities came along a lot of risk. According to one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuk, "Over 99 percent of startups fail." as detailed in this article written by Jennifer Spencer. Thankfully, I was able work with some of the most successful start-ups in history, like Beats By Dre. However, unfortunately not all these start-ups ended up with the success of an Apple acquisition.


Here is what I learned:

  • What my strengths are and how am I able use them to achieve optimal success.

  • How to organize my days, weeks, months, to stay motivated, stay on track and achieve my goals while enjoying life.

  • What works in making a start-ups successful and are the biggest mistakes start-ups make.

  • How to take all my experiences and apply them to landing my dream job.

  • How to prepare for meetings, interviews and discussion to accomplish desired results.

How can I help you:

  • Develop a business, brand strategy to help you determine and achieve your goals.

  • Create programs and plans to ensure you accomplish what you desire.

  • Set small actions to build positive habits and break bad or unwanted habits.

  • Learn more about who you are, what are your strengths, what makes you happy, and how you apply these to live your best life.

  • How to present yourself to win people over, prepare for job interview and land the job.

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